Baby Stuff

Cute But Not Edible

Everybody adores seeing little girls sporting their very first bits and pieces of adornment. As their hair grows out, adding just a touch of style on top is very common. It is also good training for them to become accustomed to the requirements of longer hair that needs to be kept out of the face and eyes.

One of the very first things used is a set of hair barrettes for toddlers. While these can be very cute to see, their parents need to take special care with the barrettes they select for their children. Since these are typically items of inexpensive manufacture, they can break easily or come apart at awkward times.

More importantly, they can produce small bits of plastic which the unsuspecting child may ingest. Make sure you only use barrettes of sturdy construction and, where possible, use ones that are large enough as to preclude being swallowed.