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Credit Card Sized Hand Sanitiser

Now you do not have to carry a big bottle of sanitiser with you wherever you go. A credit card sized hand sanitiser works well for on the go hand sanitising requirements. You can visit shops, offices and other places with confidence. Wear your mask, maintain social distancing, and use sanitiser where necessary to protect yourself from coronavirus and other touch contact infections. You do not have to depend on the sanitiser provided at the establishments. Many establishments do not provide sanitiser at their premises. Carry your own sanitiser in a pocket friendly design to remain safe and protected.

The card sized sanitiser can be customised for promotional gifting purposes. These small sanitisers can be distributed for free to the customers, clients and other people. It is a great way to win appreciation of your prospective customers. Distribute these packs to your staff. The antibacterial sanitising spray is highly effective and complies with the medical guidelines for the sanitisers.