Corsair H60 Review – A High Performance Liquid Cooling System

The Corsair H60 is a great liquid CPU cooler. It has many features that are important for the high performance of a suitable liquid cooling system. It does come with a fan, which is a plus for your system; it will be able to circulate the heat away from your processor and your motherboard. The fan is also designed to make sure that you don’t have too much noise coming from your system so that your computer can run much smoother.

There are some drawbacks to this high-performance liquid cooling system, however. The first of these is the price. The cost is a little bit too high for most consumers. Most of the higher-end liquid coolers are priced around $100. This might be fine for those who can get one at a discount. But for those that aren’t lucky enough to have luck, this might be a bit too expensive.

The second disadvantage to the Corsair H60 is the speed of its cooling system. The fans are designed to pump air into your system, but the system does seem to be a little bit slow. The fans will spin slowly and not very quickly, making the whole system a little bit slower than it should be.