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Composite Bonding Is A Cosmetic Treatment For The Teeth

closeup of woman showing her healthy teeth

Composite bonding is a technique used for the cosmetic treatment of the teeth. In this technique, the dental material used is a composite resin that is molded on to the teeth and then shaped to give the appearance of straightness.

You need to look for a proper dentist for any composite bonding Spilsby that you may require as this is not a technique practiced by every dentist. The right dentist can give the cosmetic solution that you are looking for for chipped teeth, teeth that have gaps, or where your teeth or fillings have got stained.

The treatment for such problems can also be carried out with porcelain veneer placement, but this will require at least two or more visits, where as with composite bonding the treatment is completed in just one sitting. Most treatment of this kind is not covered by normal dental insurance.