Child Care

Components Of A Good Breastfeeding Nipple Bottle

Nursing mothers usually have a challenging time choosing the right bottle. This is because they are in various makes. The following are essential components of a breastfeeding nipple bottle.

Proper Ventilation

The bottle should have proper ventilation so that excess air does not enter when the baby is swallowing. The air in the milk can cause pain, gas, or even the baby might spit-up.

Soft Nipple

A soft and wide nipple is relevant to resemble the natural one. It will give the baby a more natural feel when suckling.

Slow Flow

A bottle with a slow flow will ensure the baby does not take too much milk. It will also help the baby to suckle, just like the normal breast of its mother.


When selecting a bottle, these are vital things to look at. Ventilation, soft nipple, and slow flow are crucial aspects.