Common Mistakes Make Businesses Think If Outsourcing Project Is Favorable or Unfavorable

From releasing company resources and saving on cost, there are multiple reasons businesses choose outsourcing. It removes the mundane tasks off from valuable employee’s hands and brings in expertise, which your business may not have in-house.

Making mistakes when outsourcing can result in big pitfalls. To avoid such errors, follow the simple steps given below.

Not beginning with kickoff meeting

Before business process outsourcing work starts, take time to ensure you are on same page regarding what needs done, project timelines, key details, and payments. Starting off on assumption that every deadlines, systems, and expectations can trigger some glitches and delays.

Ignoring to check their past work samples before partnering

It does not matter, if you are outsourcing graphic design, content or social media but reviewing their past work is a sensible thing. You get an idea of their competence and a feel of their style. In case, you don’t find it appropriate, it’s better to be familiar without signing an agreement.

Poor interaction

Communication needs to be open all through the project phase. Make yourself available to resolve their queries and arrange checkpoints to ensure that the work is moving in right direction. Minor communication in complex projects can add to vast issues.

To avoid finger pointing at one another due to miscommunication, it is good to keep dialogue open during the project. There is other reason to keep communication channel open. Business goals evolve and it is crucial to discuss the changes with outsourcer or this relationship will never be productive.

You may delay payments

It is not positive business practice to leave outsourcing services hang when it is already time to pay their invoice. It will not help you get good results.

Time zone collaboration

Outsourcing projects to countries having diverse time zone than yours but if project needs detailed association then you will need to handle late nights frequently. This is not productive pairing. In addition, considering cultural difference and language is also wise, otherwise productivity will suffer.

High expectations for minimal wages

Labor rates differ from one country to another. If you hire outsourcer for low wages and expect top notch work, then you are mistaken. Pay fair compensation to remote workers for getting good job done.

Omitting project management tools, jumping to conclusions about an issue without checking and firing an angry email instantly, outsourcing wrong tasks, and forgetting to appreciate good work shouts ‘BAD’ behavior. Avoid such glitches to make your outsourcing process more successful and productive.