Dog Food

Chew Alternative For Pups

Chewing is an ideal way to steal your dog’s attention. Give your canine friend safe and healthy chewing treats. Here is some chew alternative for puppies.

Sweet Potato

Pups enjoy chewing light snacks like sweet potatoes. Ensure that you cook treats properly to keep your dog busy for some hours. Furthermore, sweet potatoes have high fiber concentrations.

Iced up Carrots

Frozen carrots are long-lasting, and dogs can chew them for long. Also, these natural sticks have low calories. Get towels under the pet to avoid messing your floor.

Raw Bones

Fresh bones are rich sources of nutrients. In addition, marrow bones keep your dog’s teeth clean. Avoid feeding the dogs with cooked bones since they splinters and harm the animal.


Pet owners must monitor their dogs after giving them a treat. Cycle out the chews frequently to avoid dealing with nasty microorganisms. Give your pup its favorite treat.