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A Guide for Beauty Business Owners: Use Leaflet Marketing to Attract More Customers

Jan 31, 2019

Did you know, women spend up to £40,000 on hair and £100,000 on make-up in their lifetime? This interesting statistic was shared by, along with a finding that: few people will book an appointment at a salon that looks shabby. With that said, for beauty businesses there’s a huge importance placed on maintaining a high standard of professionalism and presenting their services and products in an attractive manner. This is where printed marketing materials can help.

For a beauty company, a combination of printed items could work well, such as A4 booklet printing and pull up banners to premium pop up displays. But for today, we’re going to focus on why a well-designed leaflet could be the perfect cost-effective, sales tool to kickstart your marketing in 2019.

Like beauty, leaflets are visual

According to studies, you have just 50 microseconds to make a good first impression — in other words, not a lot of time. So, surely, you need promotional material that creates an instant impact, immediately signals your USPs, and is positively and attractively presented. A leaflet, unlike a brochure or pamphlet that can feature several pages, allows you to condense the very best of your services and products into one, easy-to-read page for maximum effect.

As the owner of a beauty business, your target consumer will be someone who cares about how they look. In fact, a Consumer Insights 2017 report by Cosmetics Europe found that 71% of consumers believe that cosmetic and personal care are ‘important or very important in their daily lives’, which makes offering your customers a beautifully designed leaflet all the more necessary and effective.

Use pleasant, complementary colours to create a nice aesthetic and opt for an elegant font to create an impression of class. High-quality imagery featuring happy customers is also a shrewd tactic and will help catch your audience’s eye. According to 3M, a science-based tech company, humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, incorporating two descriptive photos in your leaflet is likely to improve how much about your beauty business the reader takes in — which should mean they’re more likely to consider you.

Try a direct mail method to distribute your leaflets

Women who are between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the largest part of the cosmetics market, and this age band may be your target consumer as a beauty business owner — but the problem is: how do you contact these women specifically? If you adopt your leaflet marketing strategy as a direct mail campaign, your leaflets will allow you to target potential customers within a particular age bracket in key locations around your business. Direct mail is a form of marketing that helps companies send promotional material to a targeted group of current or potential customers. Therefore, you can reduce waste, save on over-ordering at the printer, and increase the chance that your leaflet will reach the right person. To do this, either conduct your own target audience research — for example, by using social media or surveys — or purchase key data, like ages and addresses, from third-party sites.

A direct mail print marketing strategy can help set you apart

We don’t need to tell you that your industry has a lot of competition. With new products constantly coming onto the market, fresh trends rising and dropping, and the growing influence of online beauty tutorials, you have a lot to contend with in the sector.

Out of all industries, the beauty sector was actually one of the few that fared relatively well throughout the recession of 2008. The global skincare, beauty and cosmetics industry is anticipated to reach a worth of $675 million by 2020. With a value of around £17 billion in the UK and employing more than one million people, these figures show that beauty is a lucrative and attractive sector for entrepreneurs. So, how do you stand out?

Using leaflets as part of a direct mail print marketing campaign will help get your logo and brand out there. At a time when digital platforms seem to be taking over multiple parts of our lives — from how we pay for goods to how we speak with friends — you need an advertising strategy that sets you apart. So, go against the grain and invest in print. You probably already have a Facebook page and Instagram account to keep in touch with your clients, as well as an email database to send out deals as you wish. Therefore, opting for print marketing campaign will allow you to widen your net and reach an offline audience.

According to research by a neuromarketing firm, direct mail requires approximately 20% less brain effort to process than digital media, indicating that it is simpler to understand and store in our memories. In a recall test, 75% of those taking part were able to recall the business name after viewing it on a direct mail ad, compared to only 44% who were able to after seeing it on a digital ad. Is it possible that all of those beauty brands that put all their ads and offers online are missing a trick?

Increase your ROI with leaflet marketing

According to Direct Line for Business, starting and running a beauty salon is ‘not cheap’, therefore you should try and save money wherever you can. Unlike lookbooks and catalogues, a single-sheet leaflet is one of the more cost-effective print options. Similarly, a one-off bulk purchase of leaflets may work out less in the long run than the cost it takes to maintain and run a digital marketing campaign. Despite common misconceptions that claim digital to be a free-of-charge platform for effective marketing techniques, your print material may actually be more effective than anything you could create digitally. A study that looked at the efficiency of print media compared to digital platforms including online banners conducted by research firm, GfK, showed that print ads provided the highest ROI: 120%. Perhaps digital is not as useful as anticipated.

Want to enhance your staying power?

Think about when people visit you. Is it regularly or as a rare treat? If it’s often, this means you have to continually work to win their custom. If it’s seldom, you have to create marketing material that sticks in their mind so that, when they decide they want a beauty treatment, they think of you. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 45% of people keep leaflets on a board or in a drawer. So, while digital ads disappear, you can create an attractive, lightweight leaflet that your potential customer will be inclined to pin on a wall or on their fridge where they’ll have a constant reminder of your services and products.

Attract new customers with a discount offer

Leaflet marketing may also allow you to capitalise on attracting new customers with a discount offer. 57% of shoppers are encouraged to buy for the first time when they are given the chance to redeem a coupon, according to VoucherCloud, and 80% of consumers claim to use coupons regularly. If you’re looking to advertise new cosmetics or attract new customers for a flagging treatment, a leaflet that acts as a voucher can clearly help.

Since we’ve already discovered that people are inclined to retain leaflets, your audience will have more time to act on the tempting discount you’re offering, as opposed to receiving a pop-up ad or generic email. Plus, giving a time limit on your offer and highlighting this with a bold, coloured font on your leaflet will give your audience an effective reminder to act fast!

Leaflet marketing offers beauty businesses a world of opportunities. Research ideas and print companies online to find the ideal leaflet design to enhance and promote your brand.


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Working of Marketing Companies

Nov 26, 2018

There are many marketing companies in Singapore. A marketing company can be helpful in many ways to business owners, entrepreneurs, and customers also. With the help of a marketing company you can not only endorse your product but it will also promote sales.

If you select any marketing company Singapore, it will be helpful in creating wider sales which will lead to big profits. These companies have specialization in print marketing, digital marketing and outdoor marketing. With the use these mediums your company will be able to have exposure which is important for the growth of the company. Singtelmedia is such one company which can help you in the growth of your business tremendously.

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Great Ways of Making Your Direct Mail Postcards “Hard To Ignore”

Sep 27, 2018

Direct mail postcards are a fantastic way of letting your prospective customers know all about your business. So, it is of utmost importance that you get this right; you should make sure that your postcard is so great that nobody can ignore it. To witness the right and wanted results of direct mail marketing, businesses have to ensure that they hit the home run with the postcards. And once you have the perfect postcard, you can easily get the addresses of your local customer base as there are many companies which have mailing lists for sale at very reasonable prices.

Here are some tips that will help you in getting the postcard correct.

  • The design: If the design of your postcards is not attractive, believe us, nobody is going to want to pay any attention to it let alone read it. So, you need to hire a fantastic postcard designer and get the bright one designed for you. The design proportional problems are most important thing in the whole process because that is what is going to the customer to actually read it.
  • The Heading: Just ask yourself this question, would you read a postcard if it does not have the catching headline? No, right? So how can you expect somebody else to pay any heed to your postcard if it does not have head turning heading. When it comes to the content of your postcard, the heading has to be really creative.
  • The message: Now coming to the body of your postcard’s content, has to be concise and crisp unable to convey everything that you want to convey. The message of your postcard should not be time taking and still convincing enough for the customers to get them thinking about it.
  • The benefits: It is human nature that people look for benefit everywhere and whatever service you provide is no exception to it. The benefits of that your business gives to its customers is your most powerful card and you have got to play price. The layout of your postcard should be such that it highlights the benefit of your business very efficiently.

These are four steps that are very easy to follow and followed properly, they will make your poster a blessing for your business. So, go ahead and implement these steps and we are very positive that you will get the targets that you have been eyeing.

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Planning the invention Meeting for the Free Marketing Plan

May 30, 2018

If you are considering benefiting from the sale for any free marketing plan, then you should know what you need to meet up before you will find the discovery ending up in your consultant. Your consultant will make your free marketing plan which will include strategies for what additional marketing services might help your business.

Exactly what is a discovery meeting?

The invention meeting brings your marketing professional together to speak about different marketing services provided. They’ll be searching to know your business better – in the current condition as well as your future vision. The marketing consultant may also explain the range of marketing services provided so you’ll be able to better comprehend the final marketing plan when it’s delivered.

What are the marketing services provided?

Marketing services go beyond market and keyword research and website optimization. It may include from brand development, Search engine optimization consultation, telemarketing services, e-mail marketing, white-colored papers, publishing and much more. A marketing plan does not produce a path from point A to suggest B it requires an engaged method of identifying the influences in your demographic to then produce a multi-funnel marketing web that’s specific for your brand, service or product.

What should i have ready?

To organize for the discovery meeting you initially need to contact utilizing their online form, chat option, or via email or phone. They’ll desire a brief summary of your services and products, and they will schedule the invention meeting. For that discovery meeting you will need to take along:

• The present marketing plan or strategy

• Analysis reports

• Search engine optimization strategies

• Product/service descriptions

• Development descriptions

• Demographic information

The marketing professional will have the ability to take a look at these and get more specific inquiries to gain understanding of what will be the best marketing services to incorporate in your plan.

Why is up a marketing plan?

The marketing plan may be the summary of multi-funnel approaches you ought to be applying to build up and retain your prospects. It might incorporate a demand brand development and demand generation too. In case your existing technique is somewhat effective, but you need to grow – the marketing services it recommends might be focused on customer relations – for example social internet marketing, e-mail marketing and telemarketing services.

What goes on next?

After your discovery meeting, your consultant will complete and finished your free marketing plan for you personally. After you have reviewed the program, it’s time to determine what will probably be your technique of implementation. This could involve an analysis of the competition to start you prioritized what regions of your marketing require the most attention first. The techniques are thought dynamic and therefore are attentive to the continuing data analysis of the Search engine optimization performance that you ought to be collecting and reviewing regularly. Together with your marketing plan to guide you with marketing services that’ll be effective for the business, you are able to improve your presence, influence and retention rapidly.

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How E-mail Marketing Can Help You

May 25, 2018

3 Ways E-mail Marketing Helps Create Customers and much more Revenue

Today, marketers have numerous, many modern and fun marketing platforms. On social networking platforms, they reach pin pictures, publish YouTube videos, sponsor ads, and run social networking contests. It appears e-mail continues to be left within the dust. Or, has it? Regardless of the marketing variety available, reports that 67% of marketers still believe e-mail marketing to become their core method of boosting their Return on investment and cutting marketing costs. Why? Well, think about this, a Merkle study says 74% of shoppers still choose to receive marketing literature by e-mail and, 91% of shoppers check their e-mails daily? These marketers realize that, for his or her advertisements to become welcomed an every day basis, e-mail marketing is what you want. Let us take particular notice at just how e-mail marketing will help you increase your business.

E-mail marketing creates greater and much more lucrative sales.

Amazingly, an immediate Marketing Association study demonstrated that e-mail marketing comes with an Return on investment of four,300%. Additionally, it discovered that 66% of shoppers have purchased an item due to a marketing e-mail. Much more significant, an eMarketers study discovered that, clients are 3X more prone to purchase a product after getting a marketing e-mail and, once customers decide to purchase, they spend 17% greater than individuals who decide to purchase on the social networking platform. The results of e-mail marketing in growing your customer-base clearly can’t be duplicated.

Through e-mail marketing, you develop greater trust, customer loyalty and purchasers.

Though your clients unquestionably love your brand, brands are often forgotten within their busy day-to-day shuffles. So, you have to help remind your clients of the valuable offers to allow them to show their loyalty once they need your product or service. Still, you will need a minimum of 6 exposures to a different company product to obtain even your loyal people to use them. And, after opting in in your e-mail list, your clients expect as well as welcoming such e-mails. Therefore, your e-mail advertising campaign may be the best method to make room for such frequent exposure without seeming obnoxious and, therefore, making prospective customers leave. And, with no obnoxious ingredient that is a component of a lot advertising, your clients learn how to like and believe in company for graciously granting them their wish of receiving regular e-mail communication of your stuff. This trust will certainly generate existence-lengthy customers.

E-mail marketing increases web site traffic, developing a more long lasting and lucrative overall online campaign.

Your e-mail marketing is among the best methods to improve your internet search engine rankings. Having a simple social networking share button, a party invitation to talk to your site, or perhaps a promotional code, you invite your clients to talk to your site or invite others to do this. As the traffic and shares increase, your ranking on internet search engine search engine pages increases. A boosted internet search engine ranking enables your clients to locate you easier even if you aren’t directly marketing for them. So, your advertisement investment just keeps giving to your organization without any extra effort or investment from you.

Among top marketers, e-mail advertising is not going anywhere soon. It doesn’t only boosts sales and make loyal-existence time customers, but when gifts you with greater internet search engine rankings, initiating a constantly growing customer-base. Therefore, e-mail marketing might be old-school but it’s sure to become a top-proper tool in business growth for many years!

Abercorn Digital delivers value for the clients in almost any gifs, across all platforms, to each device, delivering world-class marketing solutions.

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Content Marketing and the significance of a Content Online Marketing Strategy

May 18, 2018

What’s Content Marketing?

We British tend to be more than accustomed to being criticised for the food. We’re sneered at through the French scoffed at through the Spanish people, making to salivate each time we enter our local Indian restaurant. Therefore, it’s somewhat galling that people insist upon knowing the caliber of our very best restaurants with a French benchmark: Michelin Star awards.

I understand you’ll be comfortable with Michelin Stars, although, much like me, you might be just a little unsure about exactly how they get awarded. You are most likely also acquainted with the Michelin Guide. Anyway you’ll have heard about it even though you haven’t, actually, read a duplicate from it. The very first printing from the Michelin Guide, surprisingly, was in 1900. It’s a top class illustration of what in contemporary marketing language we call content marketing.

Content Marketing Is Enlightened Marketing

At one time, and it wasn’t such a long time ago, once the emphasis in lots of marketing departments was on selling and never anything else. Marketing was stated to possess a sales orientation. I am not to imply this orientation has completely gone in the marketing world. It’s, though, in keeping with state that marketers today generally have a more enlightened method of marketing. Which demands an orientation that is a lot more customer focused.

Content marketing is uncompromisingly customer focused. The emphasis is on contacting your clients: which communication is manifestly not targeted at directly selling your products or services for your customers. The purpose of content marketing would be to build customer loyalty. This is accomplished by supplying customers rich in quality material that educates and informs, and it is valuable and relevant for purchasers and potential customers.

Building customer loyalty was the goal behind the very first Michelin guide. Dads and moms once the Michelin Guide found its first readers, the word content marketing was not created. That phrase, it’s recommended by a few, dates from the meeting from the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1996.

Content Is Still King

Content always was king, anyway good content always was, and try to is going to be king. And so it’s the customer who rules. Content, however, isn’t just text, it’s also images. We reside in visual age, and we’ve been residing in it lengthy before social networking platforms like YouTube and Pinterest. Commercial television and cinema have given outlets for marketers’ and advertisers’ creativeness for many years.

Marketing thought leaders happen to be telling us for a while that the content online marketing strategy isn’t something that needs to be happening in isolation from social internet marketing. Content marketing permeates exactly what a business does. In case your social internet marketing technique is not resulting in your clients being supplied with interesting, valuable and relevant information, then something is wrong.

An undesirable or non-existent cms strategy won’t assist you to gain traffic aimed at your website. Social internet marketing is the procedure of having website traffic by using social networking platforms. It will likely be a constant struggle to get this done without good quality content.

It’s hardly surprising that a few of the largest corporations took aboard this thinking. Multi-National Corporations have grown to be more and more conscious of the significance of getting a built-in content marketing approach. It’s not uncommon to determine senior marketing roles in companies with your titles as Content Marketing Director, Chief Content Marketing Officer and Content Online Marketing Strategy Officer.

Whenever you consider it, a content online marketing strategy is really a perfectly rational strategy to use if without other reason than different social networking platforms require various kinds of quality content. People to different sites will appear for various things, and just what is effective on a single site may go less well on another.

To Conclude

The Michelin Guide’s publishers understood just what they desired to achieve. Using today’s marketing language we ought to say that they come up with a fairly decent content online marketing strategy. Michelin’s customers were a small but growing body of vehicle motorists, a group of people that, the folks at Michelin unquestionably reasoned, wanted a publication that offered them information they would find helpful.

Much like customers with the ages, Michelin’s customers would talk among themselves and also to other potential customers. The Michelin Guide would become seen as authoritative text compiled by experts. This could encourage customer loyalty. Inside a sentence or more that virtually covers content marketing.

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Online Marketing – Do you know the Benefits and drawbacks?

May 10, 2018

Are you currently searching for that easiest and efficient method to market? Business marketing has become among the largest methods to earn money. There are numerous effective businessmen who keep themselves updated using the latest trends in marketing. If you wish to attain the peak of success in this subject, you may enter online marketing. This style requires using technological support to completely achieve the productivity from the business. This is among the massively used business marketing styles by the majority of the large business marketing companies.

What’s online marketing?

This is actually the latest marketing style that’s also referred to as online marketing. This requires using web and email to market and also to directly sell products. This really is possibly manifested with the assistance of electronic commerce that can serve as the gateway of sales from websites with other sites. This marketing technique is the introduction of traditional advertising for example magazines, newspapers, television and radio.

Do you know the regions of online marketing?

This marketing technique that utilizes the strength of internet is split into several areas including:

Social Networking

Are you currently keen on visiting social networking sites? Are you currently frequently of giving comments and tagging photos? Then, this is why to promote products. Social networking comprises both marketing and advertising functions which generally include viral marketing. The biggest social networking sites to help you advertise and market goods are Twitter, Digg, YouTube and Facebook.


This marketing style involves the existence of internet affiliate marketing websites, e-commerce websites, informative websites, organic internet search engine results through Search engine optimization and online advertising on search engines like google.


El born area of online marketing encompasses advertising and marketing marketing functions which use e-mail messages straight to present and prospective customers.

Do you know the advantages?

The world has become getting smarter and much more advanced. You will find effective business advertisers and marketers who shift from traditional to modern marketing style. Online marketing has become the earth’s primary marketing and advertising approach to win more clients. This marketing technique brings several positive aspects for example:


Among the important advantages of participating in this internet or online marketing is the ability to reduce marketing cost. Particularly, this helps to protect you from staffing cost, location, and financial management.


Marketing by using internet is the perfect method of getting the interest of those. There are numerous those who are using internet for many purposes. Based on some studies, there are many online users who are able to see online advertising every single day.


Earning money through online is a lot simpler compared to traditional marketing techniques. You’ve got a great chance to obtain more clients inside a short time. This process doesn’t need a lot of time and energy to create a cope with your prospects. Simply by clicking the website, they are able to have transaction along with you. Accidents, it is recognized as the simplest way to promote and promote your products.

The primary objective towards the development and employment of contemporary marketing techniques would be to help business marketers in achieving consistent business production. Online Marketing may have several advantages however it requires your understanding and proper management to obtain the benefits that is worth considering.

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5 Ways to maintain your Marketing Plan Easy and simple to follow along with

May 3, 2018

Because of so many marketing possibilities, you are able to really have a problem with what you need to do, when would be the best occasions to get it done, where your marketing placements ought to be, why one marketing activity over another, why one specialized niche over another, and the way to get the most from everything.

Obviously, there are several variables (for example goals, industry, and capacity) which will affect your choice, but allow me to reveal to you the building blocks to simplifying a number of this.

1. Identify and separate your vertical markets. Unless of course any customers fits exactly the same profile, you need to really focus first on creating profiles for the clients according to industry and kind of client. For example, Sometimes with consultants, companies with 100 or fewer employees, and marketing departments with offices around the world. An advisor without any employees fits another profile than the usual private school with under 100 employees or perhaps a marketing department that requires me to setup a recruitment event for any marketing professional.

2. [Inside your campaign] Concentrate on your expertise, and not the client profile. That one totally contradicts identifying and separating your vertical markets. However, there’s a location and time to market with general campaigns that focus strongly in your expertise and deliverables. While it’s nice when you are able develop campaigns that concentrate on the discomfort and pleasure points of the particular industry, there are selected to utilize one industry or any other, you will have to market generally.

3. Decide if you’re managing a marketing project or perhaps a program. An advertising and marketing project is really a temporary endeavor, includes a definite beginning along with a definite finish, and it is finished when all project objectives are met. An advertising and marketing project results in a unique product, service, or result. For example, developing your site is considered a task (despite the fact that internet marketing and maintenance goes on). Whereas on-going marketing for such website could participate a continuing program they are driving targeted visitors and prospects aimed at your website.

4. Break lower your marketing objectives around you are able to. Many occasions I see business proprietors clump every marketing goal into one bunch, or bank all their marketing dollars about this one “campaign” to usher in the millions. Rather, you need to concentrate on multiple methods for marketing, multiple methods for communicating, multiple methods for connecting to achieve one or perhaps a couple of of the objectives. Seem sensible?

5. Succeed of yourself together with your campaigns. Don’t wait until the last minute before you begin-you need to plan your marketing activities well ahead of time. A season ahead of time is really a good starting point (however, if right now you must to choose per month ahead-start where you stand). Make planning your friend-you’ll have an opportunity to adjust and collect the correct data to determine whether it will participate your on-going marketing programs.

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