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Car Rental In Belgium: Things To Know

Car Rental Belgium will provide readers with a brief overview of car rental in Belgium and what you should know before renting. Car renting is trendy among those visiting the country, as it provides them with an easy way to explore Belgium’s breathtaking countryside using their schedule. Car rental companies often offer discounts for long-term rentals, so be sure to ask about this when making your reservation. A few other things that people may want to know include:


Car rentals are available from both airports and major cities. Car rentals are also available from many of the smaller Belgian cities and towns. However, they may not have as much availability or variety compared to those in larger areas. Visitors should note that Belgium requires drivers to purchase a vignette (sticker) for travel on the country’s highways. Car rental companies do not typically include this in their prices, and customers must purchase it separately if they plan on driving outside of the city limits.

Car Rentals & Car Insurance

When renting a car, be sure to ask about their current auto insurance provider to see what will affect coverage or if premiums need to be added. Car rentals are covered under most personal policies. Still, you may need to adjust your deductible amount for those items that aren’t covered (damage due to natural disasters or theft is usually excluded from these types of plans). Be prepared for all scenarios by having fully comprehensive insurance as well as a collision damage waiver, so you’re protected even if an accident occurs while driving through Belgium. The cost difference between taking out extra protection insurance and not taking out excess protection insurance may result in a significant difference in money. Car rental companies are required to provide substitute transportation if your car is disabled but are sure that you’re covered for any injuries as well. The rental cost will depend on where you live, how long you rent it, the type of vehicle, mileage included, etc.

Right Side Driving

It is important to note that cars can only be driven on the right side of the road. This can be confusing for visitors coming from other countries because they may drive on the left side. Car rental companies in Belgium will usually provide you with a compatible GPS, but it’s best to know this information before renting or driving.

Driving Rules and Regulations

Belgium does have some of its own rules when driving, which are easy enough to follow once you understand them Speed limits – 50 km/h within built-up areas; 90km/h outside built-up areas; trams always have priority over other traffic, so watch out at crossing points; you must give way at all crossings where there is no green man (in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1994).

Renting a car in Belgium is an excellent idea if you would like to explore the country and experience things in your own time.