Canon Copier Rental Services For Businesses

Now you can hire all types of copiers, printers and multifunction office devices from one place. Here you will receive friendly customer services. The rental charge includes delivery of the device to the site, installation, configuration and showing how the machine operates. Canon is a well-known name in the copier industry. Contact the rental company if you are looking for the Canon copier rental service. All major Canon multifunction printers are available on monthly rental basis.

Black and white copiers can be hired for as little as $700. Color copiers cost about $900. Monthly rental charge for the Canon copier starts at $99 per month. Multifunction copiers are designed to handle not only printing but also scanning, faxing, copying, sorting and collating. This rental option is perfect for businesses and organizations that want to reduce their investments in these expensive machines. Pay a small monthly amount as rent to start using these expensive devices. Increase your office productivity and reduce your printing and copying costs.