Sports Equipment

Boxing Kit For A Beginner

The first boxing session aims at introducing you to this great sporting activity. Coaches use this chance to guide new players on the items needed for their safety while training and competing. Here are some of the items to include in your boxing kit.

Hand Wraps

Hand wrapping is essential to protect the fragile hand bones. Beginners should remember to wrap their hands to keep their wrists and hands safe while punching. Get a long wrap to provide maximum protection on your hands.


Shop for boxing gloves from reputable outlets. Read reviews to land on quality boxing gloves. In addition, fit several gloves until you get a pair of well-fitting boxing gloves.

Mouth Piece

Buy a gum shield to keep your mouth safe. The mouthpiece ensures that you cannot lose a tooth or suffer from gum damage while boxing. Therefore, procure a fitting gum shield.


Additional items to add to your boxing bag include headgear, boxing shoes, and groin guards. Find out whether the club offers some of these attires. Ensure all your sportswear pieces are fitting.