Box Manufacturer in Quebec – Know the Actual Difference and Details


Most people use corrugated cardboard as a phrase together, but actually they are not the same. They are different in the engineering of packaging. The corrugate material is used in pizza boxes delivery and comes in three different layers of paper that has a line inside, outside, and fluting running in between.  On the other hand, cardboard is really thick paper stock employed to make consumer goods packages and cereal boxes. Thus before deciding on anything it is best to speak to a box manufacturer in Quebec, if you are staying in Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, or any other place nearby.

Small details

The corrugated containers have the ability to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a period of three days and more and this is because of the packaging materials. The microorganisms that intimidate the freshness to fade or die soon, get trapped in the corrugated surfaces paper fibers that they die without nutrients and water.  This importance is emphasized and thus the industries are committed to using corrugated packaging.

Product packaging is crucial, yet not considered worth appreciating element relating to product freshness or even the customer satisfaction. In fact, the pity is that average consumers do not know the impact of quality packaging of their favorite products. The corrugated packaging ability of trapping microorganisms and to haul them away from vegetables and fruits is a clear sign that the produce will last longer and arrives much fresher in corrugated boxes.

The difference

On hearing cardboard box you always imagine the simple box that is a corrugated box and actually not a cardboard box. The packaging engineers have bemoaned this misconception that is very common. The cardboard and corrugated boxes are materials both paper-based and are two separate items. There is a difference between both and it is explained here:


Corrugated material comprises of three layers of paper, mainly the liner inside, outside and the fluting is in between running. This corrugated medium is also referred to as container board and it provides the essential strength. The typical application of the corrugated boxes is in retail displays, shipping boxes, retail packaging, and in pizza delivery boxes.


Cardboard refers to a heavy-duty paper stock known as paperboard. It is not used in heavy-duty packaging. The typical applications are the cereal boxes and smaller consumer goods packages.

Comprehend the difference between cardboard and corrugated boxes while you have to consider the packaging needs.