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Benefits Of Fresh Food Feeder Especially During Weaning.

A fresh food feeder helps babies feed themselves without the parents having fears of being choked. It’s appropriate for babies are from six months because this is the age when most parents introduce solid foods and also foods of different flavors.

When using a food feeder, don’t give the baby food that has been left inside it because it may contain bacteria and can cause illnesses. The feeder should only be used for feeding not as a toy or something to distract the baby.
The feeder should not be used past one year, because at this age most babies are usually eating family foods. When cleaning a feeder, soak it in hot water with soap for five minutes, use a bottle to clean every corner because of the food that has been stuck, rinse it thoroughly, and then dry it.
Food feeders are easy for the baby to handle because they are made of silicone or plastic.