Benefits And Features Of The Hosted VoIP Solution

Do you want to upgrade your business phone? The hosted VoIP is the right solution for this purpose. VoIP or voice over Internet protocol is a phone call system that transmits voice calls in the form of data packets during transit. These data packets are converted back into voice calls at the other end to complete the call process. The whole process is completed in real time. This system would require buying and maintaining expensive servers but most users take advantage of a cloud hosted system to avoid investing in on-site servers. There is no maintenance cost and you get a lot more calling capabilities.

This VoIP calling is fast and reliable. An advanced business router is needed to connect a phone to the LAN. You need at least 100 kbps bandwidth per line to ensure good call quality. A VoIP adapter is needed if you do not want to discard existing desk phones. VoIP solution providers offer many features, such as conference calls, auto attendant, CRM integration, HD call quality, local phone numbers, advanced call analytics, voicemail to email, and others.