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Becoming a Dom—what it means

Dom is a man or woman who enjoys playing with a subordinate person (or numerous submissive people). The dominant is in command, leading and dictating events, while the submissive follows, serves, and enjoys her inferior station.

And by events, I don’t only mean sex; I also mean everyday life if the participants want their dom-sub relationship to be like that.

This power dynamic is primarily a game of roleplaying. Both parties are committing to a mutually agreed-upon power imbalance in the relationship, which either party can terminate at any time by using a safe word.

It isn’t dominating if you force your submissive to do anything against their will; it is abuse.

The best dominants already demonstrate dominance in their daily lives. It’s simply in their nature to want to do things their way, lead from the front, maintain control, and accomplish things on their terms.