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Beautiful And Convenient Bathroom Lighting

More than ever, householders are paying attention to bathroom lighting design. There are a number of reasons for this. As lighting technology advances, it is possible to place light fittings in places that formerly, would have created a hazard. In addition, bathroom design has advanced so that beautiful materials such as marble and stone, are now within reach of many households. This new design calls for subtle and enhancing lighting.
Overall, two main types of lighting exist. Primary lighting – usually placed on a bathroom ceiling – casts light across the floor and around the sanitary areas. Spot and focused lighting is placed about dressing mirrors and over bathing alcoves. Householders recognize both types of lighting as essential for a functioning bathroom.
A professional lighting designer will advise on the advantages and disadvantages of the various lighting types, LED, fluorescent and incandescent. The designer will work with an electrician to safely wire the required areas and then seek light fittings that coordinate and style – traditional, modern, eclectic? – the bathroom entirely.