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Basics About Nano Shield Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Nano Shield self-cleaning surfaces are the next generation in nanotechnology. They offer nano-coating that is so strong and durable. It can resist scratches from fingernails, coins, keys, and other everyday items found in your pocket or bag.

Nano Shield coatings also have a fantastic self-cleaning ability that helps to keep your nano shield looking clean and new.

How does nano shield work?

A nano shield consists of a liquid application process that creates this invisible layer over any surface you choose — such as metal, plastic wood, or paintwork on cars – offering protection against dirt build-up, corrosion, tarnishing, oxidation, among other things, thanks to nanoparticles.

Where do I buy self-cleaning surfaces?

Nano Shield coatings are available through the nano shield’s website. They can also be found at select retailers like The Home Depot.

Another place is NanoSeptic. This is a brand that specialized in self-cleaning surfaces. Visit their website: for more information and ordering any type of product.

Nano shield technology offer surfaces that self-clean and only need to be changed four times a year or less, depending on the frequency of the use.