Basic Maintenance is Needed for Every Metal Building

Quite often people in Houston, overlook the maintenance tasks for their steel building and due to that certain minor problems can occur. Building owners usually procrastinate about it until one day a major issue suddenly crops up and then people wake up. This kind of approach usually creates severe problem and you have to suddenly spend lots of money for the repair activity.

Such kind of expensive and unwarranted metal building repair Houston can easily be avoided if proper maintenance schedule is followed for such metal buildings. Let us list down few maintenance activities that may be needed time to time to keep the steel buildings completely free from any problems.

Safety tips

  • Do not neglect even minor problem. Either you can do it yourself or take help of any licensed repair contractor to get it repaired
  • Keep a ladder and occasionally check the condition of the roof. Ladder can be a permanent fixture with the building. Avoid climbing on roof alone.
  • Take safety shoes and other safety gears while inspecting the roof of any metal building

Preventive maintenance

Do not keep any debris or any construction item leftovers piled up on the roof. Remove everything from the roof after construction is over and keep it clear.

  • Any debris getting accumulated should be regularly cleared
  • Use any nylon brush and sweep the roof so that it looks perfectly clean
  • Repeat above two steps if ever any repair activities are carried out on the roof of the building.
  • The condensation water comes from any air conditioner must be regularly drained out
  • After rain or snow check any water or snow got settled on the roof. These may be cleared or wiped out regularly.
  • Do not allow any open water tank with chemicals near the house top
  • Do not allow any copper pipes to pass through the rooftop
  • Never allow any plant or shrub to remain in direct contact with the roof of the building

Long term maintenance activities

  • All the doors and the hinges must be regularly lubricated by using oils. Remove any debris collected near the door side.
  • Clean the fan blades regularly so that they remain free of dust
  • Check the screws used in the building which often may get loosened. They should be tightened if found to be lose.

  • Make sure that no corrosion developed on the metal building. In case it is found then use primer or paint
  • Never allow build up of excess snow on the roof
  • If your building is commercial purpose then maintain proper logbook for maintenance activities.