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Have you seen a party of only women before now? Like, as a man, you prepare to attend a party and all you find at the party are women only. At first, you’ll be quick to see it as a strange party and be fast to conclude that it is a gathering of lesbians. Isn’t it? But that’s not it.

Rather, what you just witnessed is tagged a bachelorette party or hen night as in UK, Ireland, and some parts of Australia.

So, a bachelorette party is a party held for a woman (a bride to be) just before her wedding. There’s usually a dinner at such parties and that means provision for bachelorette supplies.

To make it a memorable and outstanding bachelorette party, here are some fantastic bachelorette party supplies for you.

  • Party Banner
  • Wine/Champagne/Martini Glasses,
  • Hangover kits
  • Balloons
  • Gift for the guests bag gifts
  • Wine/Champagne/Martini Glasses,
  • Bachelorette crown, tiara or headband
  • Shot Glasses or Beer Mugs

Your bachelorette party supplies would not be complete without food and drinks. Let the party start!