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All About Udyam Registration?

After receiving the recommendations of the Advisory Committee for MSME Udyam Registration the central Government comes up with: The government introduced some specific criteria for classifying the enterprises as micro, small and medium enterprises. Also notified about the form and the process...


What is Estate Planning All About?

Writing a Will and estate planning go hand-in-hand. But what exactly is estate planning all about and why is it something that requires thought and attention? Let’s find out. What is an Estate? Estate and inheritance tax planning is something...


All You Need to Know About Franchise Business

Taking up a franchise is a strategic way forward for entrepreneurs. By getting on board with a popular brand, the need for additional marketing and visibility is considerably reduced. Moreover, the parent company lays a well-constructed route before you that...


Reasons why you should implement BIM

A BIM file is a collection of project' data that can be accessed by any concerned party anytime. Building information modeling saves time and money while providing workable models at every stage of the project's lifecycle. This can be used...


8 Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Pre-employment assessment tools can prove to be quite useful in predicting a candidate’s job performance. They are a great way to speed up the hiring process and provide a deep insight into applicants’ capabilities through a specifically designed software. What...


How to Take a Home Loan in Your 50s?

Age is a significant factor in determining the housing loan eligibility of an applicant. If an applicant belongs to a higher age bracket, the chances of their application’s acceptance can be lower, in comparison to the younger demographic. This is...

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