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Android TV Box Vs Smart TV

The rise of streaming content has gotten households scrambling to get their TV sets connected to the Internet. There are two main ways to make this happen. The first is to discard their old television and purchase a replacement smart TV that has the additional hardware that they need. This is an all-in-one solution will appeal to people who like simplicity and ease of use. The second option is to purchase an Android TV box and connect this to the existing television. This would also make the old appliance “smart” so there is no need to replace it. A lot of Australians are choosing the latter because of the following reasons:

The Economics

A brand new smart TV costs hundreds of dollars at the very least. If you buy from the biggest names with the largest screens, then you have to be prepared to cough up more than a thousand dollars for the privilege of owning one. This is not a trivial purchase so you really need to think it through. In this uncertain economy, it is wise to save as much money as you can. An Android box will allow you to enjoy the latest streaming shows without having to worry about your finances. Most are around a hundred dollars or lower.

The Pace of Tech

You always have to consider how fast technology moves when you are buying an electronic device. New hardware comes to the market to replace old standards for faster performance every year. Your ultra-modern smart TV can become obsolete in a year or two, or at least you can miss out on some of the best innovations by sticking to your unit for a substantial length of time. The software might also prove to be outdated two years down the road. Not all manufacturers provide firmware and OS updates. In contrast, popular Android box makers provide software support for years. If they become obsolete, it is much easier to replacement given their cheap price.

The Features

You should also consider the features of smart TVs versus Android boxes. The all-in-one devices are focused on providing an excellent viewing experience, sometimes to the detriment of other things that you might enjoy with this kind of technology. Android TV boxes are much more open to app installations that let you expand their feature sets. They may also have the ports that you need that aren’t present in the special TV sets.