An Overview Of Oracle Reporting

Oracle Reports is a component of Oracle’s Fusion Middleware product and is the organization’s award-winning, high-performance enterprise reporting tool. It gives you the ability to instantly access information at all levels, both internally and outside of your organization, through a scalable and secure application environment.

The Oracle reporting function consists of Oracle Reports Developer which is a powerful, declarative report design tool that offers what-you-see-is-what-you-get functionality through an intuitive interface.

It includes a JEE 5 based Oracle Reports Server that boasts a multi-tier architecture which can be used to access a wide range of data sources, produce reports in all popular formats (both for the web and paper-based) and distribute reports to any group or destination. For example, the Data Wizard in Oracle allows you to add data to an existing HTML web page while maintaining all the existing formatting on the page including your organization’s logo and color scheme.