All you need to know about wheeled dumpers

Whether your construction team is working a small job or a large one, if you need to shift heavy materials with ease, a wheeled dumper is exactly the kind of plant hire machine you should consider.

What is a wheeled dumper?

A wheeled dumper is a type of construction and plant hire machinery used to move large loads of material from point A to point B. They are the perfect solution for on-site material movement and are often available in several sizes with a range of features and add-ons for the machine.

What can a wheeled dumper be used for?

Thanks to the tipping mechanism of wheeled dumpers, they can be used as a material moving solution for almost any material you would need on a construction site.

There are several types of construction jobs, in particular, that would benefit from a machine like a wheeled dumper.

Landscaping jobs would benefit heavily from the use of a wheeled dumper which can shift full loads of earth or construction materials across the work site in a short amount of time. No more wasted man power lifting heavy sacks of brick and dirt.

The space that’s available in a wheeled dumper, along with their design, also makes them the perfect machine to transfer pipes and drain equipment and materials. You can easily fit a stack of pipes in a wheeled dumper and transfer it across to an inner-city job.

Why choose a wheeled dumper?

There are many reasons that you should choose a wheeled dumper over another type of plant hire machinery. Wheeled dumpers have an advantage because they’re designed to carry the large loads that are needed during construction work. The materials carried aren’t limited to broken down substances like broken brick or mass amounts of earth, but construction materials needed for a job can be easily transported in a wheeled dumper, too.

Features to look for

When choosing the right wheeled dumper to hire for your construction job, there are several features that you should consider:

  • The machine should have a large enough capacity for the job you’re completing.
  • The plant hire company you’re hiring from should have young machines that are regularly checked.
  • You should consider the dumping height of the machine.
  • Look into the features of the machines available and compare them against each other. Some machines may offer higher dumping heights while others offer power steering.

Rent or buy?

Both renting and buying plant hire machinery such as a wheeled dumper has its advantages, no matter which way you decide to go. When you rent a wheeled dumper from a plant hire company, you’re protected by that company in case something goes wrong and the machine breaks down or you need technical assistance.

If you decide to buy your plant machinery, you have the advantage of always having the machine(s) ready to go for a job at a moment’s notice, and a reduced overall cost, considering that you won’t need to hire a machine multiple times.