Affordability Of Expat Mortgages

When looking for expat mortgages, expats should use an expat mortgage broker. They can help you select the right lender and guide you through the documentation process. If you are not familiar with the process, you can learn more about it in the next section. You should also make sure you can maintain your UK credit file, which will be useful for future refinancing. Using an expat mortgage broker is highly recommended. It will ensure that you get the best deal.

Typically, the affordability of an expat mortgage will depend on your income and outgoings. A deposit and credit history will also be taken into account. Every lender has its own affordability model. Each one applies a cap on the amount you can borrow based on your annual salary. Most lenders will allow borrowers to take out a mortgage up to four to five times their annual income, but some can offer up to six times that.