Diving Instructor

About The Padi Instructor Training

The PADI Instructor Training Course is the basis of expert-level scuba diving training. The Instructor Development Course is the first step to becoming a certified PADI Master Scuba Diver. PADI training offers both classroom and practical instruction in a safe and controlled environment, designed to prepare you for your Open Water PADI Instructor role. You will learn the basic skills required to teach people in a water environment, including effective communication and supervision, essential scuba diving equipment and techniques, appropriate PADI breathing techniques, selecting the right diving equipment, proper site selection, diving procedures, and other important information about safe scuba diving.

To become certified as a PADI open scuba instructor, you must pass the two sections in the correct sequence – the Fundamentals and the Exam Section. Giving both sections is an indication that you are prepared to be certified. However, passing only the exam section will not make you a certified PADI instructor.