About The Blue Hole Cenote In Belize

The Blue Hole cenote Belize is a 124 meter deep sinkhole that is located 80km off the coast in an area called the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. It is encircled by an almost perfectly round ring of coral reef that has a diameter of 318 meters and is the second largest sinkhole in the world.

Science is still puzzled by the cenote as there are no current theories that adequately explain its depth. For example, it is speculated that it dates to the last ice age when the sea level was considerably lower – however it was never as low as the current depth of the sinkhole. Nonetheless it remains a spectacular place to visit and regarded as one of the top ten dive destinations in the world according to Jacques-Yves Cousteau who visited it in 1971 and created a detailed map of the area.