A Woke Hoodie Makes A Statement

Wearing a Woke Hoodie is a fashionable way to make a bold statement. People who wear them are sure broadcast a strong opinion about current affairs in the world. These cotton/polyester hoodies come in solid colors like black, navy, red, wine, green, gray and white. Also, two-tone varieties are available such as teal with black sleeves or red or white with black sleeves. They are available in a selection of sizes and styles for men and women. Typically, the word “woke” or “stay woke” is spelled out in bold letters on the front of the garment or on the sleeves or pocket. The sayings “been woke” and “woke university” are also available. The wording is either white or back and is bold, block, bar or cursive. These classic and comfortably fitting hoodies feature a twill-taped neck and are affordable and machine washable.