Solar Panel

A Summary Of PV Direct System

A PV system is an acronym for the photovoltaic system, commonly referred to as a solar power system. It is a power system developed to convey in photovoltaic form usable solar power. Here is a summary of the PV direct system.


It is made up of a series of various components, such as the solar panels for the absorption and conversion of sunlight into an electric current, cabling, mounting, solar inverter for the conversion of the alternative output current from direct current, besides other electrical devices that complete the functional solar power system.

Other Accessories

The system may harness solar tracking devices to enhance efficacy and performance. An example of the tracking device is an integrated battery solution.

Constituents of the System

Irrefutably, ensemble solar panels are encompassed by solar arrays, which are the conspicuous parts of the system. The system does not include the hardware, which is asserted to be the balance of the system.


Moreover, these systems should not be confused with other solar technologies, including solar thermal and concentrated solar power.