A Review Of Kwik Learning

Jim Kwik is a brain coach that helps people boost their mental performance using accelerated learning programs and other techniques that help people make informed decisions, boost focus and use their mental capacities better. Here is a brief Kwik Learning review.

Kwik Learning is a speed reading course developed by Jim Kwik that helps people increase their reading speed – he claims that people will be able to read up to 25% faster after completing his course without skipping over words or losing any comprehension of the text. He claims it will activate certain unused portions of your brain to aid in comprehension, improve concentration and focus as well as dealing with bad reading habits and fighting procrastination.

Jim Kwik is as much a personal development coach as a speed reading teacher but is an incredibly popular speaker that has helped people in over 150 countries. His main takeaway is to never give up no matter what hurdles life throws at you.