A Look Into Dubai Visas Application Process

Modern skyscrapers and amazing ancient desert rich in culture make Dubai a dream destination for many tourists. The state equally attracts both luxury and business tourists. Applying for a visa is mandatory to enjoy the swirling desert sand, its glittering skylines, and visit the thrilling attractions.Here is all you need to know about Dubai visas.

When is Visa a Requirement?

The US citizens are required to obtain a visa if they are planning for more than 30 days stay in Dubai. However, if you are touring the country for a few weeks, all is required is a passport and a return ticket on your arrival.

Visa Application Process

Visit the UAE embassy website and download the visa application form. However, if you reside close to their consular, a visit to the offices will grant you a chance to fill the forms out.

How Long Does It Take for Approval?

After making the application, it is normal to have feedback after three business days. On approval, a multiple-entry visa good to last for five years is issued.


If you have dreamt of visiting Dubai and have been worried about visa application, it is not a must you have it. Apply for a passport and make your dream come true.