A Lighting Audit Can Help Improve Working Conditions

Lighting audits measure the existing lighting and compare it to standards to help to determine whether any changes can be made that will improve working conditions and lower costs.

To conduct any such audit it is necessary to walk through the area being audited and observe both the quality of available light and the number of lighting fixtures that augment this light. Some places may have lighting levels that are more than necessary, whereas in other cases it may be causing visual discomfort to the people using that space. Detailed measurements of lighting illumination can be checked with meters, and the number of lighting fixtures, their wattage, location, and height may be noted.

Once these details are obtained, retrofit options may be examined. The simple lowering of lights to be closer to the tasks being performed can increase lighting and make it better for working. Periodic cleaning of lights and fixtures can also lead to increased light, as can lighter colors on walls, roofs, and equipment.