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A Guide To The Stages Of Mining Exploration

Mining exploration means finding the area where minerals are concentrated. This process may be challenging, and that is why it consists of several stages. Here is the explanation of the stages of mining exploration.

Starting the Exploration

Mineral explorers use helicopters and planes to explore a specific area. They take aerial pictures and analyze the map. They also carry details of the rocks and any other clue that may help them find mineral deposits.

Engaging the Community

After finding deposits, the prospectors must engage specific groups like the government, the locals, and other regional communities. They also look for money to finance the mining process.

Accumulating and Analyzing Data

Here, the firms utilize maps, historical data, geochemistry, and details to know how to drill. They also gather equipment required for drilling.


Mining exploration is a process that comes in the above stages. Before mining begins, explorers must have details of the area and engage the community.