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A Guide To T Shirt Printing Design

T shirt printing design is a complex topic to cover. It’s not just about t-shirt colors and designs, but also t-shirt sizes and t-shirt printing materials. We will be going over the basics of design, as well as how you can find a reliable t-shirt printer for your business!

1) How is this process?

T-Shirt Design design starts with the t-shirt itself. There are many different types of t-shirts to choose from, with each type having its specific uses and functions. A basic t-shirt is usually made out of 100% cotton, which means it can be accessed on the skin and shrink when washed! On top of that, it’s important to note that not all t-shirts are created equal; for example, a men’s Hanes t-shirt will fit differently than an American Apparel version (American Apparel tends to run smaller).

2) Why is this important?

When choosing a design, you should also consider the intended use of your t-shirts. This will help determine how soft or durable a t-shirt is and what types of inks are compatible with it.
The best alternative is to seek professional advice on this topic.