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A Girls Hooded Towel For Bath Time

Bundling up a baby right after a bath is not always easy. They’re wet and slippery and often fussy. When you’re ready to wrap your little one up after her bath time, you want to make sure you’re covering all the basics. That includes her head. A girls hooded towel is a great bathroom accessory that can be used for baths, pool time, and even to clean up unintentional messes.

The brilliance of a towel with a hood is that you can use the main towel part to wrap up the child while the hood sits gently and completely on the head. This allows you to dry any hair your little girl may have. It also lets you dry ears, eyes, and the whole face. If your little one hates having things on her head, you can drop the hooded part down while she remains wrapped in the towel.