A Full Description Of The New Transition Lenses

After decades of producing eyewear, the creation of transition lenses was the first time eyewear met the standards of the American Optometric Association of Ultraviolet Absorbers/Blockers. In keeping with concern for vision from indoors to outdoors, the new transition lenses are available in four types.

1. Transitions Adaptive Lenses are primary prescription eyewear that transform from clear to gray or clear to brown upon exiting indoors to go outside into sunlight. These glasses are fast to activate the change in color and sunlight protection.
2. Vantage lenses are nearly clear indoors and quickly activate to gray in sunlight. These are considered primary glasses.
3. XTRActive are the darkest glasses in bright sunlight and nearly clear indoors. Can be worn all day as primary eyewear.
4. Transitions Drivewear are either prescription or non-prescription eyewear for outdoor wear only. Used primarily for driving. They are not recommended for indoor wear.