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A Few Useful Tips For Color Photo Restoration

Color Photo Restoration is very crucial. If you have some valuable old color pictures, you must restore them as soon as possible to preserve them forever.

You can either scan the original picture into your computer or get a film and copy it onto the paper. This technique will produce excellent results and will also make the color print look like the original one. But there is a specific technique that one needs to follow to create the best work. This technique is called the color scan, and you will have to take three negatives of the picture. You need to have these three negatives at hand while scanning the image.

After you scan the photo in black and white, you need to apply color to the pictures. For this, you need to select three colors that you like the most. Then you will have to choose the hue of these colors by using your eye. After choosing the colors’ shade, you need to have a proper hue balance between these colors. You can either use hue balance with the use of the Photoshop function. This is because it has all the required features to give you an exact result. After you get the right hue balance, you can use the Adobe Lightroom function to extract the picture’s color.