A Brief History Of Tupperware

You probably have at least one Tupperware set in your kitchen. The airtight containers of different sizes are convenient for not only storing food, but just about anything else such as children’s toys, Christmas decorations, bathroom items or nuts and bolts. Tupperware was invented in the 1940s by Earl Tupper, an American inventor and during the 1950s Tupperware parties were commonplace. A party was a social event as much as a direct selling event, and enabled women to earn an income. The brand became popular in Europe during the 1960s and today, parties are still popular marketing events. Although the company is still best known for its plastic containers, they have branched out into other items too, including a range of kitchen gadgets and stainless steel cookware. Today, you can find Tupperware in just about any store, and it’s sold in almost 100 countries.