8 Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Pre-employment assessment tools can prove to be quite useful in predicting a candidate’s job performance. They are a great way to speed up the hiring process and provide a deep insight into applicants’ capabilities through a specifically designed software.

What is a Pre-employment Assessment Tool?

Counting on your guts to make hiring decisions is truly commendable, but it may become difficult and complex when a company is expanding and wants to recruit fast. A pre-employment assessment tool facilitates a company to design meaningful assessments that help them in streamlining their hiring process and sort out ideal candidates.

To make the entire recruitment process easier for you, we have listed down the 8 best assessment tools. They will speed-up your recruitment process and help you shortlist the best candidate.


Pymetrics uses behavioral sciences and automated AI technology to design games and exercises to assess various characteristics of an ideal candidate such as behavioral, cognitive abilities, level of risk aversion, and much more. Pymetrics’ gamified tests and video interviews gather unbiased data, unlike a CV, resume, or self-report. endorses that large-scale businesses like Unilever and McDonald’s use their AI-tech to facilitate their hiring process.


If you are looking for developers or engineers for your firm, then CodinGame can surely speed up your hunt. The developer screening evaluation tool helps giants like Facebook and Nintendo to carry out a fast and efficient hiring process. This effective tool also comes with a sourcing offering that enables your firm to build a pipeline of engineering talent.

The fact that the number of completed coding challenges on CodinGame is over 15 million proves that it worth giving a shot.


MyInterview is an efficient platform to help companies carry out video interviews. It makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist recruiting teams to assess candidates. MyInterview has been designed for all sorts of companies regardless of their size.

This handy tool implements a glass box to AI that aims to overcome the partiality that comes with the usage of black-box AI. Black box AI is a deep learning model in which data scientists input millions of data points into an algorithm, which then finds correlations between specific data to give an output. Glassbox modeling offers a more ethical decision-making process and it is better than Black Box because it’s accurate, easier to interpret comparatively, and not self-directed, unlike Black box.

MyInterview is a personal favorite of large organizations like and Pandora. 


Object Management Group (OMG)’s sales assessment facilitates the recruitment of salespeople by providing companies with a concrete process that helps carry out predictive Sales Candidates Assessments for VP, Sales Managers, and Salespeople.

It may come as a surprise but OMG’s assessments are used by a whopping 29668 companies and on 1952615 salespeople.


Xor’s well-known chatbot makes use of AI to interact with job applicants and helps in establishing one-on-one conversations between employers and potential candidates. Moreover, Xor efficiently facilitates recruiters by automating repetitive tasks such as scheduling interviews, updating job application status, and screening. It is also capable of suggesting various roles that are more suitable for candidates during and before the job application process and allows a company to share the latest job openings with existing employees for referrals to find more candidates.

 Xor’s website claims that their chatbots can reduce your recruitment costs by 50%!


Vervoe helps talent acquisition teams in making the right hiring decisions according to a candidate’s aptitude and performance. It’s AI-powered grading sorts out candidates and highlights the best performers without bias.

Its customized tests are designed to carry out an in-depth evaluation of job applicants in terms of technical as well as non-technical aspects. The tests also assess the social skills of candidates by evaluating if they are team players or not, their level of tolerance, and work ethic.

Leading companies like Walmart, Omnicom Group, and Myob use Vervoe to carry out a flawless recruitment process.


Skillsarena allows companies to improve their recruitment process by taking psychometric assessments of candidates. These tests determine computer literacy, interpersonal skills, and situational judgments. These tools help employers from various industries to retain potential candidates who are a good fit for their job description and work profile.

Did you know that according to CareerBuilder, the cost incurred by a business for hiring the wrong candidate can range from $7000 to $40,000 depending on the job position?


Testdome provides a platform for IT firms to perform fully automated pre-employment screening and customized programming tests. Candidates can take a wide variety of tests on different programming languages and frameworks that are structured to test their ability to apply codes, propose solutions, fix bugs, and execute new functionalities. Testdome also offers other tests that are designed to determine the specific skills of applicants.

As per their official website, Testdome has many happy customers including eBay and Paypal.


Pre-employment assessment tools can effectively streamline the talent acquisition process and pinpoint the best candidates based on their skills, performance, and intelligence. Selecting an appropriate pre-employment assessment tool entails a lot more than just analyzing costs. It highly depends on what you want to test, the kind of candidate you’re looking for, and the availability of ATS integration.

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