4 Ways Stretch Fabric Can Work For You

4 Way Stretch Fabric is a material that is perfect for many different applications. It can be used in activewear to make the clothing more flexible and comfortable. It also helps with temperature regulation because of its ability to breathe well. It can also be used in medical wear, such as slings and gowns, for patients who need flexibility from their clothes but still want coverage. They are essential because they allow people to move freely without any restrictions on their mobility.

1) What is this fabric? 4

It is a 4 way stretch knit fabric that has 4 different direction stretches in both the leno and warp directions. This allows it to be worn across many different body types without restriction or discomfort for its wearer.

2) What does this material do?

It helps with mobility by not restricting movement when worn either on top of another garment or alone as activewear. The fabric’s four-way stretch makes moving easy because there are no tight spots where clothing may bind uncomfortably around joints such as elbows and knees.

3) Who needs this product?

Those who require flexibility in their attire but still desire protection from clothing overtop other pieces of apparel, such as scrubs.
Ask at your local store for this fantastic fabric.