Legal Services

3 Ways Legal Aid In Michigan Can Help You

Legal Aid in Michigan can provide several services to residents who cannot afford an attorney. Services vary depending on the county but may include help with family law, housing law, public benefits, and more. This article will discuss three ways these can help you resolve your legal issues.

They Will Help You Understand the Legal Process

Many people who cannot afford an attorney are intimidated by the legal process. They do not know where to go or what to do. Legal Aid can help you understand the process and what your options are.

They Can Help You Get the Documents You Need

If you need help getting documents, Legal Aid can often provide that assistance. This may include birth certificates, death certificates, divorce papers, or other essential documents.

You May Be Able to Get Legal Representation

In some cases, Legal Aid may be able to provide you with an attorney to represent you in court. This representation is typically limited to unavoidable circumstances, such as family law or housing law. If you qualify for this service, it can be a great help to have an attorney by your side.

No matter what your legal issue is, Legal Aid in Michigan can likely provide some assistance. If you need help understanding the law or navigating the legal system, they can probably help you out. And if you need more severe aid, such as representation in court, they may be able to help with that as well.