3 Tips For Using Electrostatic Sprayers – USA

Electrostatic sprayers USA are a great way to apply coatings to your items. They work by electrostatically charging the particles in the paint, which means they can be applied evenly without dripping or overspray. This article will provide three tips for using electrostatic sprayers so you can get the most out of them!

1) Make sure that there is no dirt on any part of your item before applying paint.
If dirt or other contaminants are on an electrostatic sprayer, they will also be applied to the item. This can give your items a speckled look and result in wasted paint! If you notice any dirt, clean it off before using the electrostatic sprayer.

2) Avoid spraying too close to an object’s edge – this could cause over-spray or an uneven appearance.
Over-spraying is when the electrostatic sprayer sprays paint on top of where it’s supposed to be, which can cause your design to look smudged or blurry if you’re not careful.

3) Try not to touch anything while electrostatic painting – this includes yourself and other objects you’re electrostatic painting.
Suppose you touch the electrostatic sprayer while it’s on. In that case, this could result in a burn and damage to your electrostatic sprayer and paint job! While using an electrostatically charged paint gun, try not to get too close or touch anything because it will spread over where you don’t want it.

To get an electrostatic sprayer, contact your closest specialty store.