3 Things You Need To Know About Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are computer programs that can copy themselves and infect other computer systems. They spread by inserting copies of themselves into computer systems, email messages, or the files carrying computer programs. Below are 3 things you need to know about computer viruses:

1) Computer virus Richmond is an example of a type of computer virus that was found in 2006 on computers at Virginia Commonwealth University’s medical center.

2) There are many different types of computer viruses out there, some more dangerous than others. The most common ones include worms (which spreads through networks), Trojan horses (which masquerade as harmless software but actually contain harmful code), and ransomware (where data is locked up until payment is made).

3) You should always have a computer anti-virus software running, and it’s even better if you can install a firewall.

In conclusion, computer viruses are computer programs that do not have the intention of helping you with your computer. They often damage your computer and may make it difficult to use or even delete important data.