3 Steps To Reading A Birth Chart

Birth charts are a professional astrological tool that can be used to predict personality, relationships, and other aspects of your life. In this article, we will discuss 3 steps for reading a professional birth chart.

The Ascendant sign and house placement:

1) Determine the Ascendant sign based on your birth chart. Find out where it falls concerning other signs. Suppose you have a Sagittarius rising, for example. In that case, the individual is likely optimistic and very blunt about what they think of others. A Pisces ascendant would be more creative with their hands or words. At the same time, an Aquarius will want to share information with people worldwide because that’s how they like to learn things best.

2) Next, find the houses in which planets are located – these should correspond with events currently happening or upcoming events, so look at them closely! For some individuals, this may show something professional such as Saturn being found in the fourth house, which could mean that responsibilities have been taken on and needs to be accomplished.

3) Lastly, find out where aspects are located in the birth chart – these indicate other influences or relationships, so if a square from Mars is impacting Venus, this would suggest something romantic happening soon!

We hope this information is helpful so you can have a guide before getting your professional birth chart reading.