3 Steps To Create Custom T Shirts

Many people are looking to create custom T Shirts but don’t know where to start. This article will provide you with 3 Simple Steps that will help you create them in no time!

Choose the right fabric

This is the first step to create custom T-Shirts. Cotton is the most common fabric used for T-Shirts, but it’s not always possible for people with allergies or other preferences on what they wear close to their skin. Some alternative materials that will work just as well are polyester and rayon, which can both be easily found at stores like Walmart.

Create a design using an online program or download an app!

There are lots of ways to create a design. The easiest way is through an online program that allows you to simply upload your own image or logo for printing on T-Shirts! If the one above doesn’t work well for you, you can download several other apps.

Print your T-Shirt and enjoy

After you’ve designed your T-Shirt, it’s time to print! To get started, separate the dark colors from lighter ones. Next, wash and dry all of your shirts according to their care instructions, so they are ready for printing. After this step is complete, place each shirt one at a time into the printer face down with the back of the shirt facing up. Once this is complete, print your design and repeat until all shirts have been printed!

If you are looking to create a custom T-Shirt, then make sure you follow the points listed above.