3 Simple Tips For Managing Zoho People And KeyPay

Zoho People and Keypay is a business management solution that will help you manage your employees, vendors, customers, and more. Zoho offers many features to help you run your business efficiently from anywhere in the world. In this article, we’ll discuss three simple tips for managing this.

1) Make sure to maintain a list of all vendors – it’s important to always know who is owed money or if they owe money because it could lead to future problems with cash flow.

2) Decide how much detail you want Keypay reports by going into settings –> preferences –> reporting options on payee details. You can also choose whether or not to include additional information like Zoho CRM information.

3) Manage Zoho People and the Keypay together – do not manage them separately. Zoho People is Zoho’s fully featured HR system that allows you to manage payroll, run reports, and more. Zoho Keypays makes it easy for employees to track their expenses by using an app on smartphones or laptops to capture receipts that are automatically uploaded into Zoho keypay.

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