3-Point Leadership Skills Assessment Questionnaire

A leadership skills assessment questionnaire is a great tool to help you determine what leadership skills you need to work on or improve. This article will provide an overview of leadership skills assessments. We’ll also look at three leadership traits that are typically assessed by these questionnaires:


A leadership skills assessment questionnaire will typically assess your leadership vision. This is the ability to see a future goal and then taking steps to achieve that goal, whether those are short-term or long-term goals. It may also include seeing potential in others even when they don’t believe it themselves.

Emotional Intelligence

This questionnaire will also assess your leadership emotional intelligence. This is the ability to understand, manage and use emotions in a positive way at work.


Finally, this survey will also look at motivation as one of the leadership traits you need to develop or improve upon. Motivating others includes both motivating yourself.

A leadership skill assessment questionnaire is beneficial because it will assess leadership skills that you may not be aware of.