3 Options For Anti Trump Clothing

Trump is sometimes considered the antichrist, and many people want to resist him. Here are three anti trump clothing options for you to choose from if you would like to protest against Trump:

1) “No Trump” shirt: This anti trump shirt says it all with just one word, “no.” You can find this anti-trump apparel in a variety of different colors on or

2) Donald Trump mask: This mask is perfect for any American citizen who wants to take their protests against Trump one step further by wearing his face around town as a form of social commentary.

3) Resistance Flag: This anti trump flag is perfect for anti-trump protesters who want to fly the resistance out in all its glory.

All anti-trump apparel should be worn with pride. This does not mean that you have to wear them around town, but it’s great if you’re protesting at rallies or marches. It’s also very important that when wearing any anti-trump apparel, that you are also anti-violence.