3 Must Haves For Post Baby Fitness

New baby? Ready for that new body too? Here are 3 must haves to get started to a smoking hot new-baby bod…

Postpartum Exercise Clothes, today’s postpartum fitness clothes are not just adorable but certain brands are perfect for hiding that little pouch… that will soon be turned into flat abs.

Resistance Bands

There will be some exercises you can’t do until you are healed. However, Resistance bands after the 6 week period are a great way to introduce weight training safely.

Yoga Mat

Baby up all night? Husband rolling back over to snore when you tap him to get change a diaper? Been there. Downward dog will keep you thin and lean… and sane and zen.

Congrats on that new baby, mom! Here’s to a year of joy and change… and a great new, improved you in the making too.