Contact Lenses

3 Eye Lenses For All Occasions: Find The Right Lens To Achieve Different Outcomes

The eye is one of the most important things in your body. If you don’t have your eye, then you are not able to see anything! There are many eye lenses that exist for this reason. Whether it be prescription eye lenses or contacts, there is a lens for all occasions. We will go over 3 eye lenses and their benefits below:

1) Soft contact lens- these contact lenses are soft and must be worn with solution each day to keep them moistened. They can last up to 3 weeks before they need to be replaced because of dryness instead of old age like other types of contacts do.

2) Gas permeable lens- also known as GP Lens or hard contact lens, this type lasts for a few months and requires a stronger eye solution.

3) Bifocal eye lenses- these eye lenses have a small section in the middle that is thicker to help with seeing distance. There are also multifocal eye lenses that have multiple sections for different ranges of vision.

Each lens has its own unique benefits, and it all depends on what you need them for!