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3 Cool Facts About Florida’s Native Turtles

Did you know that Florida is home to many different types of turtles? Three species are native only to our state! These turtles are integral members of our ecosystem and play an important role in the health of our environment. Here are three cool facts about Florida’s native turtles:

1. The Eastern Box Turtle is a land turtle found throughout the eastern United States. Their brown shell easily identifies them with yellow markings.

2. The Diamondback Terrapin is a water turtle found in brackish and saltwater marshes along the Atlantic coast. They get their name from the diamond-shaped patterns on their shell.

3. The Florida Softshell Turtle is a freshwater turtle found in slow-moving rivers, creeks, and lakes. They are the largest turtles in Florida and can grow up to 18 inches long!

Those are three cool facts about turtles native to Florida!